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Addiction Recovery Coaching

Instead of seeing addiction as sickness, I see great meaning and opportunity in addictions. Addiction is the soul finding her way to wake up from sufferings and illusion. It’s the soul calling for liberation and true happiness.


I work with individuals who are inspired to work with any kind of hard and soft addictions including,

  • Addictive substances such as opiates, prescription drugs, sugar and so on.

  • Addictive behaviour such as playing video games, overusing social media.

  • Habitual patterns on a more subtle level such as lying, judging, gossiping.

Together, we will look closely into the cause of addictions. I am determined to assist you to work with your habitual patterns. With strong commitment and accountability, I will walk you through all the challenges in the recovery process.

The goal is not merely sobriety. The goal is to rediscover the higher purpose of life.

Please contact me for pricing.

One Month Program

Four coaching sessions, one hour each.

  • Powerful and intensive coaching work for difficult life transitions.

  • An empowering pre-care and aftercare program for plant medicine treatment.

  • By phone or in person.

  • Email and texting in between sessions for additional support and accountability.

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