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Psycho-spiritual Integrative Coaching


Plant medicine journeys and treatments are intensified experiences in our body, mind and spirit. These journeys sometimes open and expand our minds widely, bring us back to old hidden memories, and lead us to explore different states of consciousness. Sometimes they help us to feel deeply our emotions, from fear to euphoria. These experiences can be extremely intense and overwhelming. 


Once the journeys are over, how do we come back to this ground of everyday life, and extract insights and meanings from the journeys? How do we translate these insights into spiritual personal growth and cultivate them into true awakening? 


Plant medicines heal us when we know how to prepare and integrate the experiences.  Yet if we use them recklessly, they could be harmful.


My services,

  • Assist you to prepare for plant medicine journeys, including offering information, resources, and navigating tools.

  • Provide comprehensive post-ceremony integration, aftercare and emotional support. 

  • Help you to apply these understandings into daily life, and solidify these experiences into personal growth and transformation.

  • Work with you to create sustainable healthy behavioural patterns. 


Beside one-on-one sessions, small group integration sessions are also available.


Please contact me for pricing.

One Month Program

Four coaching sessions, one hour each.

  • Powerful and intensive coaching work for difficult life transitions.

  • An empowering pre-care and aftercare program for plant medicine treatment.

  • By phone or in person.

  • Email and texting in between sessions for additional support and accountability.

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