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Psycho-spiritual Integrative Coaching and Addiction Recovery Coaching


Sohan’s coaching works with individuals who are,


  • Going through challenging life transitions and changes

  • Preparing for addiction recovery

  • Recovering from any kind of hard and soft addictions

  • Preparing and integrating for plant medicine journeys

  • Experiencing sudden spiritual awakenings

Life is a bumpy ride. From birth to death, we experience times of sorrows, fear, joy, love and success. How do we navigate these twists and turns? How do we respond to difficult situations with peace and confidence?


I will be honoured to assist you to tune into your own authentic presence, which is boundless, radiant and creative. I am fully committed to walk my clients through all kinds of difficult life transitions, challenges and recoveries.


I offer single sessions, multi-month programs, and group integration sessions.

Please contact me for pricing.

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