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Sohan is a compassionate and supportive life coach that has offered a balanced perspective on issues that have come up for me over the last several years. She enables deep conversation that leads to insight and ultimately self-discovery. She’s been there for me through the ups and downs that inevitably present themselves on the path of awakening, and I really appreciate the opportunities and support I’ve had for personal insight through working with her. 



This was a truly life changing experience. Being a full fledged alcoholic and trying all "typical" ways of breaking the cycle I was in, had only short term effects and always remained a terrible and losing battle. This included AA, detox centres, going to different churches, self help books, physiatrists and everything else I heard of from many different sources. This type of treatment ended up being what I thought was my last resort to a very early and painful death, yet should have been the first type of treatment I sought out. This was an eye opening and life changing experience. With the help, guidance and utmost support of Sohan and Ben my life will never be the same and I will ALWAYS be eternally grateful for that! My experience provided me insight on my own personal issues which I had buried deep inside myself and was to terrified to confront and ended up drowning in alcohol. It showed me that I am a good person that deserves to be happy and that I can find true happiness. I know alcohol abuse is not like turning off a light switch but having found my courage and strength within myself I now know I have the power and, what ends up being plain old self respect, to change and move forward to live a long, happy and successful life.  This worked for me and is exactly what I needed.

— Abram


Sohan is truly an incredible coach. Her ability to see ones true self and guide them toward it are unparalleled. Her extensive knowledge of spiritual transformation, plant medicines, and addiction recovery were exactly what I needed to overcome my decade long battle with opiates. From my first call with her I felt completely comfortable to open up, which is ironic given my ingrained skepticism to all things psychology. Her wisdom, guidance and compassion proved invaluable during the dark depths of my journey. It’s been almost two years since I’ve started my transformation and I can honestly say that I’m happier than I ever imagined possible. I’m eternally grateful to have Sohan by my side, supporting me in times of need and holding me accountable when need be. All I can say is take the leap. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

— Ben


My soul is alive and well. I feel alive and vibrating with love. Sohan’s mastery in conducting a journey to the depths of the human soul is a thing of greatness. She will guide you and care for you like a grandmother, then push your boundaries like a child. “Do you want to go deeper? “ She askes as you prepare to meet with the Divine. The meeting is so familiar and that’s what makes it so profound. You are experiencing creation. Your body dissolves and you become nothing, you become everything, you become a part of the grand design. (You know this design, this is where you come from. It’s all at work.) This is as expansive as you are experiencing and is  also contained in every molecule of DNA. As within so as without. The microcosm and the microcosm. Experienced as one. Experienced. Experienced! It is unexplainable and therefore you know it to be true. Thank you To Sohan the Master Conductor and agent of change.

— Laura

Sohan Ko is a face of nature. Brilliant, funny, empathic and dedicated, she offers the full measure of her wisdom and compassion to these seeking transformation. By turn tender and fierce, sweet and demanding, Sohan serves as a powerful, tireless catalyst of growth and change for her clients. Be brave, and Sohan will walk you home to your true essence, to self-acceptance and self-love.


I met Sohan in the fall of 2019 and was instantly attracted to her fiery spirit. Her confidence and spark gave me the strength to embark on a journey into the unknown. I would not be doing the work without her by my side. Her ability to hold space for everyone around her is inspiring, she is always thinking about everyone’s state of well-being. Sohan holds space in a way that is authentic to who she is. She is light and playful yet solid and stable. She is human, she is brave and she is someone I trust.


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