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What is Kambo?

Kambo also known as "sapo" or "vaccina de floresta" (vaccine of the jungle), refers to the secretion of the phyllamedusa bicolor, also known as the giant monkey frog. The secretion is harvested in a way that ensures that no harm comes to the frogs. As such, kambo practitioners only use sustainably and ethically harvested medicine. Once harvested, the secretion is scraped onto a stick to dry and then wrapped in cornhusks. Kambo has been used for thousands of years by numerous Amazonian tribes. Traditionally they use it to treat illness, remove panema (negative energies or traumas), increase stamina for hunting and as a rite of passage. 


The secretion from kambo has many bioactive peptides and neuropeptides that are known to have positive effects on the human mind and body. Below are some of the known benefits of these peptides:

  • Improved immune function

  • Pain management

  • Potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria, yeast (including Candida), fungi, and enveloped viruses

  • Sedation/Relaxation

  • Reduction in blood pressure

Kambo has been effective in treating chronic illnesses like Lyme disease and Crohn’s. It has also been used to treat depression, drug addiction, and chronic pain. It can be also used as a general detox. The health benefits of kambo vary and may include increased energy, reduced pain, reduced stress, and more mental clarity among other things. It can be beneficial to do kambo before other plant medicine ceremonies as it is thought to help the medicine cross the blood brain barrier. Many people feel that kambo cleans them out beforehand and removes part of the physical and emotional blockages, so their experience in ceremony is "cleaner" and deeper. 

My treatments

I approach each client with love and understanding. My commitment to your transformation and healing is the bedrock of my practice. I am honoured to facilitate your healing journeys and I will work with you before and after the treatments to help you integrate your experiences.

The process begins with initial consultation to determine your intention and what type of treatment best fits your needs. During ceremony, I will guide you closely through the process with a safe and loving space. Each kambo session lasts approximately two hours and includes sanaga and hrape treatments if desired or needed. We also utilize traditional medicine songs from the jungle, rattles and drums. 

Please contact me for pricing.

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